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Categories: Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Yaron Keren
Patch by Ray Donnelly to print register names instead of numbers.

Richard Smith
Speculative fix for buildbot failure. Apparently Clang 3.1 got move semantics wrong.
DeLesley Hutchins
Thread Safety Analysis:  Convert to minimal SSA.
Richard Smith
When a module completes the definition of a class template specialization imported from another module, emit an update record, rather than using the broken decl rewriting mechanism. If multiple modules do this, merge the definitions together, much as we would if they were separate declarations.
  • cmake-clang-x86_64-linux: built clang failed -  stdio
Sean Callanan
Included <inttypes.h> in a few headers that were
using preprocessor constants for printf() format
David Blaikie
Add parens to appease GCC warning.
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
Revert "blockfreq: Rewrite BlockFrequencyInfoImpl" (#2)

This reverts commit r206666, as planned.

Still stumped on why the bots are failing.  Sanitizer bots haven't
turned anything up.  If anyone can help me debug either of the failures
(referenced in r206666) I'll owe them a beer.  (In the meantime, I'll be
auditing my patch for undefined behaviour.)
DeLesley Hutchins
Thread Safety Analysis:  Update SSA pass to handle loops.
Justin Bogner
OnDiskHashTable: Audit types and use offset_type consistently
Justin Bogner
ProfileData: Avoid UB when reading
Ben Langmuir
Fix a hole with nested unavailable submodules from r206664

If a module doesn't meet a requirement, neither do its submodules. If we
don't propogate that, we might think it's an error to be missing a
header in one of those submodules.
Justin Bogner
OnDiskHashTable: Fix a think-o with offset_type
Nick Lewycky
Check whether functions have any lines associated before emitting coverage info for them. This isn't just a size/time saving, gcov may crash on these.
Justin Bogner
llvm-profdata: Avoid writing to /dev/null in tests

We fseek on our output file in llvm-profdata, which errors on some
systems. Avoid getting into the situation by writing to /dev/null
Kevin Enderby
Change the ARM assembler to require a :lower16: or :upper16 on non-constant
expressions for mov instructions instead of silently truncating by default.

For the ARM assembler, we want to avoid misleadingly allowing something
like "mov r0, <symbol>" especially when we turn it into a movw and the
expression <symbol> does not have a :lower16: or :upper16" as part of the
expression.  We don't want the behavior of silently truncating, which can be
unexpected and lead to bugs that are difficult to find since this is an easy
mistake to make.

This does change the previous behavior of llvm but actually matches an
older gnu assembler that would not allow this but print less useful errors
of like “invalid constant (0x927c0) after fixup” and “unsupported relocation on
symbol foo”.  The error for llvm is "immediate expression for mov requires
:lower16: or :upper16" with correct location information on the operand
as shown in the added test cases.

Justin Bogner
test: Add extra run lines to investigate an error on the bots
Justin Bogner
CodeGen: Remove an unused include
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
Reapply "blockfreq: Rewrite BlockFrequencyInfoImpl" (#2)

This reverts commit r206628, reapplying r206622 (and r206626).

Two tests are failing only on buildbots [1][2]: i.e., I can't reproduce
on Darwin, and Chandler can't reproduce on Linux.  Asan and valgrind
don't tell us anything, but we're hoping the msan bot will catch it.

So, I'm applying this again to get more feedback from the bots.  I'll
leave it in long enough to trigger builds in at least the sanitizer
buildbots (it was failing for reasons unrelated to my commit last time
it was in), and hopefully a few others.... and then I expect to revert a
third time.

[1]: http://bb.pgr.jp/builders/ninja-x64-msvc-RA-centos6/builds/1816
[2]: http://llvm-amd64.freebsd.your.org/b/builders/clang-i386-freebsd/builds/18445
Alexey Samsonov
[llvm-symbolizer] Print file/line for a PC even if there is no DIE describing it.

This is important for symbolizing executables with debug info in
unavailable .dwo files. Even if all DIE entries are missing, we can
still symbolize an address: function name can be fetched from symbol table,
and file/line info can be fetched from line table.
Ben Langmuir
Don't build modules with (submodules with) missing headers

Unless they are in submodules that aren't available anyway, due to
requirements not being met.  Also, mark children as unavailable when the
parent is.
Justin Bogner
ProfileData: Don't forward declare ComputeHash and make it static inline
Reid Kleckner
Add support for building Sphinx documentation when being built inside LLVM source tree and using CMake.

Patch by Dan Liew <daniel.liew@imperial.ac.uk>!
Reid Kleckner
Fix sphinx-build warnings in clang docs.
Reid Kleckner
Add support for building Sphinx documentation when being inside LLVM source tree and using CMake

Patch by Daniel Liew <daniel.liew@imperial.ac.uk>!
David Blaikie
Compress debug sections only when beneficial.

Both ZLIB and the debug info compressed section header ("ZLIB" + the
size of the uncompressed data) take some constant overhead so in some
cases the compressed data is actually larger than the uncompressed data.
In these cases, just don't compress or rename the section at all.