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Categories: Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Peter Collingbourne
Add qualification to fix MSVC build.
Peter Collingbourne
COFF: Implement /linkrepro flag.

This flag is implemented similarly to --reproduce in the ELF linker.

This patch implements /linkrepro by moving the cpio writer and associated
utility functions to lldCore, and using that implementation in both linkers.

One COFF-specific detail is that we store the object file from which the
resource files were created in our reproducer, rather than the resource
files themselves. This allows the reproducer to be used on non-Windows
systems for example.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D22418
Chris Bieneman
[CMake] Updating Xcode Toolchain creation to support Xcode 7

Recent changes to Xcode have changed the structure of Xcode toolchains. This patch makes the xcode-toolchain goop construct a new-format Xcode toolchain that is compatible with Xcode 7.

The new format has a compatibility version key, so when a new format comes out we can support multiple formats in parallel.
Rui Ueyama
Split getPhdrsIndices. NFC.
Vedant Kumar
[Coverage] Do not write out coverage mappings with zero entries

After r275121, we stopped mapping regions from system headers. Lambdas
declared in regions belonging to system headers started producing empty
coverage mappings, since the files corresponding to their spelling locs
were being ignored.

The coverage reader doesn't know what to do with these empty mappings.
This commit makes sure that we don't produce them and adds a test. I'll
make the reader stricter in a follow-up commit.
Rui Ueyama
Replace std::find_if with plain for loop. NFC.
Sebastian Pop
GVN-hoist: use a DFS numbering of instructions (PR28670)

Instead of DFS numbering basic blocks we now DFS number instructions that avoids
the costly operation of which instruction comes first in a basic block.

Patch mostly written by Daniel Berlin.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D22777
Sebastian Pop
GVN-hoist: limit hoisting depth (PR28670)

This patch adds an option to specify the maximum depth in a BB at which to
consider hoisting instructions.  Hoisting instructions from a deeper level is
not profitable as it increases register pressure and compilation time.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D22772
Evgeniy Stepanov
[safestack] Fix stack guard live range.

Stack guard slot is live throughout the function.
Chris Bieneman
[CMake] Pass DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as CMake variable instead of as envar

On OS X 10.11 System Integrity Protection prevents the DYLD environment variables from being set on system binaries. To work around this r276710 accepts DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as a CMake variable and sets it directly on the archiver commands.

To make this work with bootstrapping we need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to the current stage's library directory and pass that into the next stage's configuration.
Chris Bieneman
[CMake] Support feeding DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH into archiver calls

OS X 10.11 has a feature named System Integrity Protection. The goal of the feature is to make system binaries immutable (even as root). One part of this is that protected binaries do not receive DYLD_* environment variables because the kernel scrubs them before process launch.

This causes problems for LTO bootstrap builds on Darwin that try to use the just-built libLTO with the host ar, ranlib, or libtool.

This patch addresses two problems.

(1) The tools themselves aren't protected binaries but the shim tools installed at / are, so we need to call xcrun -find to find libtool instead of using the one CMake finds.

Enrico Granata
Print a warning if the directory passed to --test-subdir doesn't end up existing
Xinliang David Li
Define compatibility flag if not defined with -std=c++
Adam Nemet
[lit] Don't match tool names within new PM's <> markers

For example, stop expanding 'opt' in -passes='require<opt-remark-emit>'.
Rui Ueyama
Split LinkerScript::createSections into small functions.

createSections function is getting longer, so it is time to split it
into small functions. The reason why the function is long is because
it has deeply nested for-loops. This patch constructs temporary data
to reduce nesting level.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D22786
Rui Ueyama
Fix parameter names.

match() returns true of the first argument, a target string, matches
one of the second argument, a list of glob patterns. Calling the
target string, which is not a glob pattern, "Pattern" was very confusing.
Jan Vesely
Make min follow the OCL 1.0 specs

OpenCL 1.0: "Returns y if y < x, otherwise it returns x. If x *and* y
are infinite or NaN, the return values are undefined."

OpenCL 1.1+: "Returns y if y < x, otherwise it returns x. If x *or* y
are infinite or NaN, the return values are undefined."

The 1.0 version is stricter so use that one.

Signed-off-by: Jan Vesely <jan.vesely@rutgers.edu>
Michael Kuperstein
Attempt to pacify windows bots, again.
Rui Ueyama
Do not pass InputFile to reportDiscarded().

Because the file from which an input section is created can be
obtained using getFile().
Renato Golin
[ARM] Saturation instructions are DSP-only

The saturation instructions appeared in v6T2, with DSP extensions, but they
were being accepted / generated on any, with the new introduction of the
saturation detection in the back-end. This commit restricts the usage to
DSP-enable only cores.

Fixes PR28607.
David Majnemer
Revert "[InstSimplify] Add support for bitcasts"

This reverts commit r276698.  Clang has tests which rely on the
optimizer :(
David Majnemer
[InstSimplify] Add support for bitcasts

BitCasts of BitCasts can be folded away as can BitCasts which don't
change the type of the operand.
Rui Ueyama
Make ConstraintKind an enum class.
Akira Hatanaka
[Sema][ObjC] Compute the nullability of a conditional expression based
on the nullabilities of its operands.

This commit is a follow-up to r276076 and enables
computeConditionalNullability to compute the merged nullability when
the operands are objective-c pointers.

Davide Italiano
[LinkerScript] Refactor KEEP handling in a separate function

This will grow because I have a patch to support more complex
constructs, e.g.:

KEEP (*(EXCLUDE_FILE (*crtend.o *crtend?.o ) .dtors))

Let's make this a separate function.