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Categories: Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Saleem Abdulrasool
ARM: further improve deprecated diagnosis (LDM)

The ARM ARM states:
    The SP can be in the list. However, ARM deprecates using these instructions
    with SP in the list.

    ARM deprecates using these instructions with both the LR and the PC in the

    The SP can be in the list. However, instructions that include the SP in the
    list are deprecated.

    Instructions that include both the LR and the PC in the list are deprecated.

    The SP can only be in the list before ARMv7. ARM deprecates any use of ARM
    instructions that include the SP, and the value of the SP after such an
    instruction is UNKNOWN.

    ARM deprecates the use of this instruction with both the LR and the PC in
    the list.

Attempt to diagnose use of deprecated forms of these instructions.  This mirrors
the previous changes to diagnose use of the deprecated forms of STM in ARM mode.
Jean-Daniel Dupas
[macho] Minor install_name fixes

Fix the binary file reader to properly read dyld version info.
Update the install_name test case to properly test the binary reader. We can't use '-print_atoms' as the output format is 'native' yaml and it does not contains the dyld current and compatibility versions.

Also change the timestamp value of LD_ID_DYLD to match the one generated by ld64.
The dynamic linker (dyld) used to expects different values for timestamp in LD_ID_DYLD and LD_LOAD_DYLD for prebound images. While prebinding is deprecated, we should probably keep it safe and match ld64.

Reviewers: kledzik

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Projects: #lld

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D6736
Logan Chien
Frontend: Fix typo in comments.
David Majnemer
strnlen isn't available on some platforms, use StringRef instead
Craig Topper
[X86] Immediate forms of far call/jump are not valid in x86-64.
David Majnemer
This should have been part of r224676.
David Majnemer
InstCombine: Squash an icmp+select into bitwise arithmetic

(X & INT_MIN) == 0 ? X ^ INT_MIN : X  into  X | INT_MIN
(X & INT_MIN) != 0 ? X ^ INT_MIN : X  into  X & INT_MAX

This fixes PR21993.
David Majnemer
InstSimplify: Don't bother if getScalarSizeInBits returns zero

getScalarSizeInBits returns zero when the comparison operands are not
integral.  No functionality change intended.
Eric Fiselier
Move unconditional test compile and link flags into their configuration functions.
David Majnemer
Simplify the code

No functionality change intended.
Eric Fiselier
Split executeShTest into two parts so that it can be better leveraged by libc++
Eric Fiselier
[libcxx] Teach libcxx's lit configuration new ways to find lit.site.cfg

Currently to run tests in tree you need to symlink the lit.site.cfg file generated by the cmake build into the source tree, and teach your VCS to ignore it.

This allows the user to specify where to find the lit.site.cfg file two different ways:
* lit_site_config lit parameter
* LIT_SITE_CONFIG enviroment variable.

example usage:
lit -sv --param=libcxx_site_config=path/to/libcxx-build/test/lit.site.cfg path/to/tests
export LIBCXX_SITE_CONFIG=path/to/libcxx-build/test/lit.site.cfg
lit -sv path/to/tests
The command line parameter will override the environment variable.
If neither options are present a warning is issued and the `lit.cfg` file is loaded directly.

Reviewers: mclow.lists, jroelofs, danalbert

Reviewed By: danalbert

Subscribers: ddunbar, cfe-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D6255
Jason Molenda
Re-enable compact unwind use on Mac platforms.
When lldb has a binary with protected section contents,
don't use the on-disk representation of that compact
uwnind -- read it only out of live memory where it has
been decrypted.
David Majnemer
InstSimplify: Optimize away pointless comparisons

(X & INT_MIN) ? X & INT_MAX : X  into  X & INT_MAX
(X & INT_MIN) ? X : X & INT_MAX  into  X
(X & INT_MIN) ? X | INT_MIN : X  into  X
(X & INT_MIN) ? X : X | INT_MIN  into  X | INT_MIN
Richard Trieu
Fix a bunch of integer template argument problems in template type diffing.

Reverts most of the changes from r168005.  Since template arguments have proper
conversions now, no extending of integers is needed.  Further, since the
integers are the correct size now, use APSInt::operator== instead of
APSInt::hasSameValue since operator== will check the size and signness match.

Prior to one comparison of APSInt's, check that both are valid.  Previous, one
could be uninitialized.  Also changed APInt to APSInt in GetInt.  This
occassionally produced a sign flip, which will now be caught by operator==.
Richard Trieu
Fix for PR21758

When a non-type template argument expression needs a conversion to change it
into the argument type, preserve that information by remaking the
TemplateArgument with an expression that has those conversions.  Also a small
fix to template type diffing to handle the extra conversions in some cases.
Chandler Carruth
[SROA] Run clang-format over the entire SROA pass as I wrote it before
much of the glory of clang-format, and now any time I touch it I risk
introducing formatting changes as part of a functional commit.

Also, clang-format is *way* better at formatting my code than I am.
Most of this is a huge improvement although I reverted a couple of
places where I hit a clang-format bug with lambdas that has been filed
but not (fully) fixed.
Chandler Carruth
[x86] Change the test added in r223774 to first check the spelling of
the error message for a bogus processor, and then look specifically for
that error message using FileCheck.

I actually tried to write the test this way at first, but drew a blank
on how to ensure the error message stayed in sync (oops). Now that I've
recalled how to do that, this is clearly better.

It also fixes an issue with a malloc implementation that actually prints
to stderr in all cases, which was causing problems for some builders it
Matthias Braun
LiveIntervalAnalysis: No kill flags for partially undefined uses.

We must not add kill flags when reading a vreg with some undefined
subregisters, if subreg liveness tracking is enabled.  This is because
the register allocator may reuse these undefined subregisters for other
values which are not killed.
Matthias Braun
LiveIntervalAnalysis: cleanup addKills(), NFC

- Use more const modifiers
- Use references for things that can't be nullptr
- Improve some variable names
Aaron Ballman
Removing an outdated FIXME; try block attributes are parsed with the rest of the statement attributes (as per the standard), and function-try-blocks may not have attributes. NFC.
Matthias Braun
Unbreak cmake build with shared libraries enabled.
Kostya Serebryany
[sanitizer] fix a performance regression in sanitizer coverage: move a small perf-critical function to a header. ALso set the coverage guard to 1 before the early return from CoverageData::Add
Enrico Granata
Cleanup some redundant code
Eric Fiselier
Move test into test/std subdirectory.