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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Chandler Carruth
[attrs] Move the norecurse deduction to operate on the node set rather
than the SCC object, and have it scan the instruction stream directly
rather than relying on call records.

This makes the behavior of this routine consistent between libc routines
and LLVM intrinsics for libc routines. We can go and start teaching it
about those being norecurse, but we should behave the same for the
intrinsic and the libc routine rather than differently. I chatted with
James Molloy and the inconsistency doesn't seem intentional and likely
is due to intrinsic calls not being modelled in the call graph analyses.

This also fixes a bug where we would deduce norecurse on optnone
functions, when generally we try to handle optnone functions as-if they
were replaceable and thus unanalyzable.
HexagonFrameLowering.cpp: Appease msc18 to give an explicit constructor SlotInfo() instead of member initializers.
Dmitry Polukhin
[OPENMP] NFC rewrite ParseOpenMPDirectiveKind

New implementation is easier to read and extend.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D17197
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] don't require seed in fuzzer::Mutate, instead use the global Fuzzer object for fuzzer::Mutate. This makes custom mutators fast
Craig Topper
[TableGen] Use range-based for loops. NFC
Craig Topper
No need to make the subtarget feature bit enum a uint64_t. This was a leftover from when the feature bit enum contained masks instead of bit indices.
Argyrios Kyrtzidis
[index] Change some default parameters to fix an MSVC ICE.

Many thanks to Yunzhong Gao for tracking this down!
Matthias Braun
LiveIntervalAnalysis: Remove LiveVariables requirement

This requirement was a huge hack to keep LiveVariables alive because it
was optionally used by TwoAddressInstructionPass and PHIElimination.
However we have AnalysisUsage::addUsedIfAvailable() which we can use in
those passes.
Matt Arsenault
AMDGPU: Prepare for reducing private element size.

Tests for the new scalarize all private access options will be
included with a future commit.

The only functional change is to make the split/scalarize behavior
for private access of > 4 element vectors to be consistent
with the flat/global handling. This makes the spilling worse
in the two changed tests.
Jason Molenda
Additional fix to my change in r259983 to handle the
case where a core file has a kernel binary and a user
process dyld in the same one.  Without this, we were
always picking the dyld and trying to process it as a

libclang/CMakeLists.txt: Prune IndexingContext.h out of ADDITIONAL_HEADERS. VS IDE uses it.
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] remove the C++-ish variant of FuzzerDriver from the interface
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] simplify CTOR of MutationDispatcher
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] get rid of MutationDispatcher::Impl (simplify the code; NFC)
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] get rid of UserSuppliedFuzzer; NFC
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] simplify the code around Random. NFC
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] remove UserSuppliedFuzzer from the interface (it was a bad idea).
Steven Watanabe
Fix the ASTPrinter output for ascii char literals >127.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D17206
Kostya Serebryany
[libFuzzer] provide a plain C interface for custom mutators (experimental)
Siva Chandra
[TestLibCxxAtomic] Skip for GCC.

Summary: This is the form on other libc++ tests.

Reviewers: sivachandra

Subscribers: lldb-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D17230
Tom Stellard
AMDGPU/SI: Add llvm.amdgcn.mov.dpp intrinsic

This intrinsic will be used to expose dpp functionality to higher-level
languages. It will map to the dpp version of v_mov_b32.
Keno Fischer
[Cloning] Clone every Function's Debug Info

Export the CloneDebugInfoMetadata utility, which clones all debug info
associated with a function into the first module. Also use this function
in CloneModule on each function we clone (the CloneFunction entrypoint
already does this).

Without this, cloning a module will lead to DI quality regressions,
especially since r252219 reversed the Function <-> DISubprogram edge
(before we could get lucky and have this edge preserved if the
DISubprogram itself was, e.g. due to location metadata).

This was verified to fix missing debug information in julia and
a unittest to verify the new behavior is included.

Patch by Yichao Yu! Thanks!

Reviewers: loladiro, pcc
Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D17165
Matt Arsenault
Add AMDGPU related triple vendors/OSes

As support expands to more runtimes, we'll need to
distinguish between more than just HSA and unknown.
This also lets us stop using unknown everywhere.
Davide Italiano
[llvm-size] Remove variable used only once.

The use of auto and the name were very weird anyway.
Sunil Srivastava
Accept "-Weverything" in clang diagnistic pragmas

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D15095