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Categories: Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Chen Li
Introduce enum value for previously defined metadata -- make.implicit

Summary: This patch adds enum value for an existing metadata type -- make.implicit. Using preassigned enum will be helpful to get compile time type checking and avoid string construction and comparison. The patch also changes uses of make.implicit from string metadata to enum metadata. There is no functionality change.

Reviewers: reames

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D11698
Bruce Mitchener
[debugserver] Fix "control may reach end of non-void function" warnings.

Reviewers: clayborg, jingham

Subscribers: lldb-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D11745
Saleem Abdulrasool
ARM: support windows division routines

This adds the software division routines for the Windows RTABI.  These are not
expected to be used often though as most modern Windows ARM capable targets
support hardware division.  In the case that the target CPU doesnt support
hardware division, this will be the fallback.
Saleem Abdulrasool
ARM: make Darwin libcall registration table driven (NFC)

Make the libcall updating table driven similar to the approach that the Linux
and Windows codepath does below.  NFC.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Avoid a really broken call to realloc that would later result in
a bad call to memcpy.

When we only have a buffer from one of the two reparse calls, we can
just return that buffer rather than going through the realloc/memcpy

Found with UBsan.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Guard two calls to memcpy in generated attribute code to handle
null StringRef objects as inputs.

Found by UBSan.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Another place where we were trying to put string data into
a BumpPtrAllocator. This at least now handles the case where there is no
concatentation without calling memcpy on a null pointer. It might be
interesting to handle the case where everything is empty without
round-tripping through the allocator, but it wasn't clear to me if the
pointer returned is significant in any way, so I've left it in
a conservatively more-correct state.

Again, found with UBSan.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] When attaching empty strings to the AST, use an empty StringRef
rather than forcing the bump pointer allocator to produce a viable
pointer. This also fixes UB when we would try to memcpy from the null
incoming StringRef.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Fix the two ways that we would try to memcpy from a null buffer in
the nested name specifier code.

First, skip the entire thing when the input is empty.

Next, handle the case where we started off with a null buffer and a zero
capacity to skip copying and freeing.

This was found with UBSan.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Fix two cases of UB in copy/pasted code from SmallVector.

We should really stop copying and pasting code around. =/

Found by UBSan.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Don't allocate space for contained types and then try to copy the
contained types into the space when we have no contained types. This
fixes the UB stemming from a call to memcpy with a null pointer. This
also reduces the calls to allocate because this actually happens in
a notable client - Clang.

Found by UBSan.
Jason Molenda
Bump the version # in the xcode proj file from major number 340 to 350.
The SB API for major version 340 won't be changing any more.
Sean Silva
[GettingStarted.rst] Commit the right patch.

Looks like the rebased version that Mehdi committed didn't incorporate
the latest changes.

Patch by Erik de Castro Lopo <erikd@mega-nerd.com>!
Bruce Mitchener
Fix cmake build on non-Windows platforms.

r243914 introduced a change which mistakenly tried to build the
Windows minidump code on all platforms rather than only on Windows.
Richard Smith
[modules] Make IndirectFieldDecl mergeable to avoid lookup ambiguity when the same anonymous union is defined across multiple modules.
Sanjoy Das
Revert "[LSR] Generate and use zero extends"

This reverts commit r243348 and r243357.  They caused PR24347.
Argyrios Kyrtzidis
Remove unused header include.
Marshall Clow
Change char_traits<char16_t>::eof() to return 0xFFFF instead of 0xDFFF. Fixes PR#24342
Ahmed Bougacha
[AArch64] Rename FP formats to be more consistent. NFC.

Some are named "FP", others "SD", others still "FP*SD".
Rename all this to just use "FP", which, except for conversions
(which don't use this format naming scheme), implies "SD" anyway.
Ahmed Bougacha
[AArch64] Add isel support for f16 indexed LD/ST.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Fix yet another use of memcpy with a null pointer argument. I think
this is the last of them in my build of LLVM. Haven't tried Clang yet.

Found via UBSan.
Ahmed Bougacha
[AArch64][v8.1a] The "pan" sysreg isn't MSR-specific. NFCI.

It's already in SysRegMappings, no need to also have it in MSRMappings:
the latter is only used if we didn't find a match in the former.
Chandler Carruth
[UB] Fix another place where we would pass a null pointer to memcpy.

This too was found by UBSan. Down to 35 failures for me.
Ahmed Bougacha
[AArch64] Remove unnecessary "break".  NFC.
Ahmed Bougacha
[AArch64] Use SDValue bool operator.  NFC.