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Categories: Bootstrap Linux cross Linux fast Tests msc on Linux Tests on Linux Windows
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Bootstrap Linux cross Linux fast Tests msc on Linux Tests on Linux Windows
Rui Ueyama
Ignore -no-keep-memory.

When the -no-keep-memory option is given, BFD linker tries to save
memory in their own way. Since our internal architecture is completely
different from that linker, that option doesn't make sense to us.
Rui Ueyama
Move LTO options above "all options beyond this are ignored" comment
Guy Blank
[MVT] fix typo in size of v1i8 MVT.

Ths issue was found in the review of another patch https://reviews.llvm.org/D32540
Craig Topper
[APInt] Remove support for wrapping from APInt::setBits.

This features isn't used anywhere in tree. It's existence seems to be preventing selfhost builds from inlining any of the setBits methods including setLowBits, setHighBits, and setBitsFrom. This is because the code makes the method recursive.

If anyone needs this feature in the future we could consider adding a setBitsWithWrap method. This way only the calls that need it would pay for it.
Craig Topper
[APInt] Replace calls to setBits with more specific calls to setBitsFrom and setLowBits where possible.
Craig Topper
[X86] Clear KnownBits instead of reconstructing it. NFC
Zvi Rackover
InstructionSimplify: Canonicalize shuffle operands. NFC-ish.

Apply canonicalization rules:
    1. Input vectors with no elements selected from can be replaced with undef.
    2. If only one input vector is constant it shall be the second one.

This allows constant-folding to cover more ad-hoc simplifications that
were in place and avoid duplication for RHS and LHS checks.

There are more rules we may want to add in the future when we see a
justification. e.g. mask elements that select undef elements can be
replaced with undef.

Reviewers: spatel, RKSimon, andreadb, davide

Reviewed By: spatel, RKSimon

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D32338
Zvi Rackover
InstructionSimplify: One getShuffleMask() replacing multiple getMaskValue(). NFC.

Summary: This is a preparatory step for D32338.

Reviewers: RKSimon, spatel

Reviewed By: RKSimon, spatel

Subscribers: spatel, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D32388
Zvi Rackover
InstructionSimplify: Simplify a shuffle with a undef mask to undef

Following the discussion in pr32486, adding the simplification:
shuffle %x, %y, undef -> undef

Reviewers: spatel, RKSimon, andreadb, davide

Reviewed By: spatel

Subscribers: jroelofs, davide, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D32293
Simon Atanasyan
[mips] Emit R_MICROMIPS_TLS_GOTTPREL relocation for %gottprel in case of microMIPS

In case of microMIPS mode %gottprel operator should emit microMIPS

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D32617
clang-tools-extra/test/CMakeLists.txt: Rework r297806 (D29851) to make sure test utils should be built.

FIXME: This may be moved to llvm's add_lit_target().
Craig Topper
[ConstantRange] Fix a couple cases where we were possibly throwing away an APInt allocation we could reuse. NFC

This uses setAllBits to replace getMaxValue and operator=(uint64_t) instead of constructing an APInt from uint64_t.
Dimitry Andric
Include <cstdio> in PrettyStackTrace.cpp, since it uses vsnprintf(3).
Rui Ueyama
Rename RPath Rpath for consistency. NFC.

For an option -foo-bar-baz, we have Config->FooBarBaz. Since -rpath is
-rpath and not -r-path, it should be Config->Rpath instead Config->RPath.
Rui Ueyama
Simplify by using getString instead of getLastArg. NFC.
Rui Ueyama
Report an error if --compress-debug-sections is given while zlib is not availble.
Daniel Sanders
[globalisel][tablegen] Fix the test after silencing the unused variable warning in r301755.
Daniel Sanders
[globalisel][tablegen] Silence unused variable warning.
Rui Ueyama
Port recent changes to ELF/MapFile.cpp to COFF.
Craig Topper
[ConstantRange] Use APInt::getOneBitSet to shorten some code. NFC
Craig Topper
[ConstantRange] Replace getMaxValue+zext with getLowBitsSet. Replace zero-init+setBit with getOneBitSet. NFC
Craig Topper
[ConstantRange] Use APInt::operator-= to remove temporary APInts.
Daniel Sanders
[globalisel][tablegen] Compute available feature bits correctly.

Predicate<> now has a field to indicate how often it must be recomputed.
Currently, there are two frequencies, per-module (RecomputePerFunction==0)
and per-function (RecomputePerFunction==1). Per-function predicates are
currently recomputed more frequently than necessary since the only predicate
in this category is cheap to test. Per-module predicates are now computed in
getSubtargetImpl() while per-function predicates are computed in selectImpl().

Tablegen now manages the PredicateBitset internally. It should only be
necessary to add the required includes.

Also fixed a problem revealed by the test case where
constrainSelectedInstRegOperands() would attempt to tie operands that
BuildMI had already tied.

Reviewers: ab, qcolombet, t.p.northover, rovka, aditya_nandakumar

Reviewed By: rovka

Subscribers: kristof.beyls, igorb, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D32491
Simon Pilgrim
[X86][AVX] Added support for _mm256_zext* helper intrinsics (PR32839)
Simon Pilgrim
[X86][AVX] Added codegen tests for _mm256_zext* helper intrinsics (PR32839)

Not great codegen, especially as VEX moves support implicit zeroing of upper bits....