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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
Support: Stop using iplist in Recycler

Recycler just needs a singly-linked list, and it takes less (and
simpler) code to hand-roll one of those than to build up the equivalent
`iplist_traits`.  In theory, this should speed things up a bit too, but
this is really just a drive-by cleanup so I haven't measured.
Johannes Doerfert
Expose the detection context to ScopDetection users

  ScopDetection users are interested in the detection context and access
  these via different get-methods. However, not all information was
  exposed though the number of maps to hold it was increasing steadily.
  With this change only the detection contexts the rejection log and the
  ValidRegions set are mapped. The former is needed, the second could be
  integrated in the first and the ValidRegions set is only needed for the
  deterministic order of the regions.
Greg Clayton
This test is useless. It doesn't work and it fails on MacOSX. Removing it.
Aaron Ballman
Fixing links and reformatting code; NFC.

Patch by Marek Kurdej!
Johannes Doerfert
Treat conditionally executed non-pure calls as errors

  This replaces the support for user defined error functions by a
  heuristic that tries to determine if a call to a non-pure function
  should be considered "an error". If so the block is assumed not to be
  executed at runtime. While treating all non-pure function calls as
  errors will allow a lot more regions to be analyzed, it will also
  cause us to dismiss a lot again due to an infeasible runtime context.
  This patch tries to limit that effect. A non-pure function call is
  considered an error if it is executed only in conditionally with
  regards to a cheap but simple heuristic.
Rafael Espindola
git-clang-format r249548.

Sorry for missing this the first time.
Johannes Doerfert
[NFC] Make LoopInfo a member and simplify arguments
Benjamin Kramer
Fix a shared CMake build by linking with libclangBasic.

Patch by Jan Vesely!
Johannes Doerfert
Allow invariant loads in the SCoP description

  This patch allows invariant loads to be used in the SCoP description,
  e.g., as loop bounds, conditions or in memory access functions.

  First we collect "required invariant loads" during SCoP detection that
  would otherwise make an expression we care about non-affine. To this
  end a new level of abstraction was introduced before
  SCEVValidator::isAffineExpr() namely ScopDetection::isAffine() and
  ScopDetection::onlyValidRequiredInvariantLoads(). Here we can decide
  if we want a load inside the region to be optimistically assumed
  invariant or not. If we do, it will be marked as required and in the
  SCoP generation we bail if it is actually not invariant. If we don't
  it will be a non-affine expression as before. At the moment we
  optimistically assume all "hoistable" (namely non-loop-carried) loads
  to be invariant. This causes us to expand some SCoPs and dismiss them

Johannes Doerfert
Move the ValueMapT declaration out of BlockGenerator

  Value maps are created and used in many places and it is not always
  possible to include CodeGen/Blockgenerators.h. To this end, ValueMapT
  now lives in the ScopHelper.h which does not have any dependences itself.

  This patch also replaces uses of different other value map types with
  the ValueMapT.
Greg Clayton
Another stripped test that requires darwin and a dSYM (no Dwarf or DWO).
Greg Clayton
More fixes for binaries that we strip. When we strip a binary we can't do Dwarf or DWO.
Vasileios Kalintiris
[mips][FastISel] Factor out common code from switch statement. NFC
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
IR: Create SymbolTableList wrapper around iplist, NFC

Create `SymbolTableList`, a wrapper around `iplist` for lists that
automatically manage a symbol table.  This commit reduces a ton of code
duplication between the six traits classes that were used previously.

As a drive by, reduce the number of template parameters from 2 to 1 by
using a SymbolTableListParentType metafunction (I originally had this as
a separate commit, but it touched most of the same lines so I squashed

I'm in the process of trying to remove the UB in `createSentinel()` (see
the FIXMEs I added for `ilist_embedded_sentinel_traits` and
`ilist_half_embedded_sentinel_traits`).  My eventual goal is to separate
the list logic into a base class layer that knows nothing about (and
isn't templated on) the downcasted nodes -- removing the need to invoke
UB -- but for now I'm just trying to get a handle on all the current use
cases (and cleaning things up as I see them).

Greg Clayton
Fix a test that should only be run with a dSYM file by adding @skipIfDwarf and using a new @skipIfDWO.
Greg Clayton
Fixed up some first responder issues and added menubar support that isn't in use yet.
Daniel Jasper
ASTMatchers: Keep AllCallbacks in a set instead of a vector

AllCallbacks is currently only used to call onStartOfTranslationUnit and
onEndOfTranslationUnit on them. In this (and any other scenario I can
come up with), it is important (or at least better) not to have
duplicates in this container. E.g. currently onEndOfTranslationUnit is
called repeatedly on the same callback for every matcher that is
registered with it.
Dawn Perchik
[lldb-mi] Fix evaluation of strings containing characters from non-ascii range

If a string contained characters outside the ASCII range, lldb-mi would
print them as hexadecimal codes.  This patch fixes this behaviour by
converting to UTF-8 instead, by having lldb-mi use registered type
summary providers, when they are available.  This patch also fixes
incorrect evaluation of some composite types, like std::string, by
having them use a type registered type summary provider.

Based on patch from evgeny.leviant@gmail.com
Reviewed by: ki.stfu, granata.enrico, clayborg
Subscribers: lldb-commits
Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D13058
Sanjoy Das
[IRBuilder] Add gc.statepoint related methods to IRBuilder

This adds some more routines to `IRBuilder` around creating calls and
invokes to `gc.statepoint`.  These will be used later.

Reviewers: reames, swaroop.sridhar

Subscribers: sanjoy, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D13371
Marshall Clow
Mark 2244 as 'Patch Ready', 2477 and 2487 as 'Complete'
Vasileios Kalintiris
[mips][FastISel] Use ternary operator to select opcode. NFC
Marshall Clow
While researching LWG#2244, I noticed we weren't testing that eofbit was being cleared. Now we are
Rui Ueyama
ELF2: Define a utility function to handle simple command line options.
Joseph Tremoulet
[WinEH] Set NoModuleLevelChanges in clone flags

This is necessary to keep the cloner from making bogus copies of debug
metadata attached to the IR it is cloning.
Also, avoid running RemapInstruction over all instructions in the common
case that no cloning was performed.

Reviewers: rnk, andrew.w.kaylor, majnemer

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D13514
Rui Ueyama
ELF2: Make singleton output sections globally accessible.

Previously, output sections that are handled specially by the linker
(e.g. PLT or GOT) were created by Writer and passed to other classes
that need them. The problem was that because these special sections
are required by so many classes, the plumbing work became too much

This patch is to simply make them accessible from anywhere in the
linker to eliminate the plumbing work once and for all.