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Categories: Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Chris Bieneman
[CMake] Use add_llvm_tool_symlink's OUTPUT_DIR option

This is updating to take r288632 into account.
Chris Bieneman
[CMake] Refactor add_llvm_tool_symlink for reuse

The old implementation of add_llvm_tool_symlink could fail in odd ways when building out of tree. This version solves that problem by not using the LLVM_* variables, and instead reaeding the target's properties.
Rui Ueyama
Run the last iteration of parallel_for_loop using a threadpool.

Remainders of tasks were ran in the main thread, so parallel_for_each
could theoretically take 2x time than the ideal.
Rui Ueyama
Simplify ICF alignment handling.
Peter Collingbourne
IRGen: Remove an unused overload of CreateAlignedLoad.
Simon Pilgrim
[X86][XOP] Add target shuffle tests showing missing UNPCKL combine.
Simon Pilgrim
[X86][AVX512] Add target shuffle tests showing missing UNPCK combines.
Daniel Jasper
Revert "Recover better from an incompatible .pcm file being provided by -fmodule-file=. We try to include the headers of the module textually in this case, still enforcing the modules semantic rules. In order to make that work, we need to still track that we're entering and leaving the module. Also, if the module was also marked as unavailable (perhaps because it was missing a file), we shouldn't mark the module unavailable -- we don't need the module to be complete if we're going to enter it textually."

This reverts commit r288449.

I believe that this is currently faulty wrt. modules being imported
inside namespaces. Adding these lines to the new test:

  namespace n {
  #include "foo.h"

Makes it break with

  fatal error: import of module 'M' appears within namespace 'n'

However, I believe it should fail with

  error: redundant #include of module 'M' appears within namespace 'n'

I have tracked this down to us now inserting a tok::annot_module_begin

Eric Fiselier
Update status page for variant implementation
Kuba Mracek
[sanitizer] Make atos stdin a non-tty pipe to make sure it's not stuck waiting for user input

On macOS, we often symbolicate using atos (when llvm-symbolizer is not found). The current way we invoke atos involves creating a pseudo-terminal to make sure atos doesn't buffer its output. This however also makes atos think that it's stdin is interactive and in some error situations it will ask the user to enter some input instead of just printing out an error message. For example, when Developer Mode isn't enabled on a machine, atos cannot examine processes, and it will ask the user to enter an administrator's password, which will make the sanitized process get stuck. This patch only connects the pseudo-terminal to the stdout of atos, and uses a regular pipe as its stdin.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D27239
Eric Fiselier
Choose better hash values for std::monostate and valueless variants.

Previously these hashes were 0 and -1 respectively. These seem like common
sentinel values and should be avoided to prevent needless collisions.

This patch changes those values to different arbitrary numbers, which should
hopefully cause less collisions. Because I couldn't help myself I choose the
fundamental constants for gravity and the speed of light.
Craig Topper
[X86] Mark 256-bit DPPS intrinsic as commutable to increase load matching opportunities.
Craig Topper
[X86] Add Commutative property to several MMX arithmetic and logic intrinsics.

I think these intrinsics were added after the Commutative was added to most of the rest of the intrinsics and it must have been forgotten.
Rui Ueyama
Re-implement the optimization that I removed in r288527.

I removed a wrong optimization for ICF in r288527. Sean Silva suggested
in a post commit review that the correct algorithm can be implemented
easily. So is this patch.
Michael Gottesman
[stl-extras] Provide an adaptor of std::count for ranges.
Dylan McKay
[AVR] Remove 'XFAIL' from a CodeGen test

This seems to be fixed as of r288052.
Rafael Espindola
Don't discard .L symbol with -r.

They might be used by relocations.

Fixes pr31252.
Rafael Espindola
Always use / as the path separator.

It is not clear if it is worth the complexity to use \ on
windows. This should fix the bots.
Rafael Espindola
Prefix path when displaying thin archives.

Patch by Mark Santaniello.
Matthias Braun
TableGen: Adapt to llvm r288612
Matthias Braun
TableGen: Store Records on a BumpPtrAllocator

All these records are internalized and will live until exit.  This makes
them perfect candidates for a fast BumpPtrAllocator.
Matthias Braun
TableGen: Use StringRef instead of const std::string& in return vals.

This will allow to switch to a different string storage in an upcoming
Matthias Braun
TableGen: Optimize common string concatenation with SmallString
Matthias Braun
TableGen: Use StringRef instead of const std::string& for parameters

This avoid an extra construction of a std::string (and a heap
allocation) when the caller only has a StringRef but no std::string at
Rui Ueyama
Update comment to clarify the machine spec.