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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Daniel Jasper
clang-tidy: [use-override] Tweak messages.

It doesn't make sense to suggest 'virtual' as clang-tidy would complain
about that on the next iteration (we are never issuing warnings for the
base function).
Matthew Gardiner
Test commit, please ignore
Johannes Doerfert
Replace the dependences parallelism check by the IslAst one
Brad Smith
Add missing override keyword to OpenBSD IsIntegratedAssemblerDefault().
Nico Weber
Wrap to 80 columns. No behavior change.
Rafael Espindola
Start adding some tests for the gold plugin.

These are only used when the 'ld' in the path is gold and the plugin has
been built, but it is already a start to make sure we don't regress features
that cannot be tested with llvm-lto.
Saleem Abdulrasool
ARM: correct handling of features in arch_extension

The subtarget information is the ultimate source of truth for the feature set
that is enabled at this point.  We would previously not propagate the feature
information to the subtarget.  While this worked for the most part (features
would be enabled/disabled as requested), if another operation that changed the
feature bits was encountered (such as a mode switch via a .arm or .thumb
directive), we would end up resetting the behaviour of the architectural

Handling this properly requires a slightly more complicated handling.  We need
to check if the feature is now being toggled.  If so, only then do we toggle the
features.  In return, we no longer have to calculate the feature bits ourselves.

The test changes are mostly to the diagnosis, which is now more uniform (a nice
side effect!).  Add an additional test to ensure that we handle this case

Thanks to Nico Weber for alerting me to this issue!
Saleem Abdulrasool
ARM: convert loop to range based

Convert a loop to use range based iteration.  Rename structure members to help
naming, and make structure definition anonymous.  NFC.
Matt Arsenault
Add alignment value to allowsUnalignedMemoryAccess

Rename to allowsMisalignedMemoryAccess.

On R600, 8 and 16 byte accesses are mostly OK with 4-byte alignment,
and don't need to be split into multiple accesses. Vector loads with
an alignment of the element type are not uncommon in OpenCL code.
Simon Atanasyan
Remove unused empty folder `unittest`.
Tim Northover
AArch64: fix conversion of 'J' inline asm constraints.

'J' represents a negative number suitable for an add/sub alias
instruction, but while preparing it to become an int64_t we were
mangling the sign extension. So "i32 -1" became 0xffffffffLL, for

Should fix one half of PR20456.
Richard Smith
Fix default argument comma disambiguation bug following the 'template' keyword.
  • ninja-clang-i686-msc17-R: built clang failed -  stdio
Richard Smith
When looking for temporary dtors while building the CFG, do not walk into
lambda expressions (other than their capture initializers) nor blocks. Do walk
into default argument expressions and default initializer expressions.

These bugs were causing us to produce broken CFGs whenever a lambda expression
was used to initialize a libstdc++ std::function object!
Richard Smith
[modules] Add some missing record names. We really should be generating this from a .def file or similar...
Richard Smith
[modules] Add abbreviation for ImplicitCastExpr. This is the most common
record type in LLVM's IR module.
Nico Weber
Wrap to 80 columns. No behavior change.
Saleem Abdulrasool
builtins: make ARM compilation with GAS work again

The LLVM IAS seems to accept wide instructions for add and sub in ARM mode even
though it is not permitted.  This uses a macro to ensure that the wide modifier
is only applied when building in THUMB mode.

This repairs building with GCC/GAS in ARM mode.
Saleem Abdulrasool
builtins: move macro definitions into assembly.h

The macro definitions are shared across multiple files.  Define them once in the
assembly.h header rather than redefining it in each file.
Saleem Abdulrasool
builtins: whitespace
Chandler Carruth
[x86] Sink a variable only used by asserts into the asserts. Should fix
some -Werror bots, sorry for the noise.
Chandler Carruth
[x86] Add a much more powerful framework for combining x86 shuffle
instructions in the legalized DAG, and leverage it to combine long
sequences of instructions to PSHUFB.

Eventually, the other x86-instruction-specific shuffle combines will
probably all be driven out of this routine. But the real motivation is
to detect after we have fully legalized and optimized a shuffle to the
minimal number of x86 instructions whether it is profitable to replace
the chain with a fully generic PSHUFB instruction even though doing so
requires either a load from a constant pool or tying up a register with
the mask.

While the Intel manuals claim it should be used when it replaces 5 or
more instructions (!!!!) my experience is that it is actually very fast
on modern chips, and so I've gon with a much more aggressive model of
replacing any sequence of 3 or more instructions.

I've also taught it to do some basic canonicalization to special-purpose

Chandler Carruth
[ADT] Add a remarkbly useful little helper routine to ArrayRef for
checking whether the ArrayRef is equal to an explicit list of arguments.

This is particularly easy to implement even without variadic templates
because ArrayRef happens to be homogeneously typed. As a consequence we
can use a "clever" wrapper type and default arguments to capture in
a single method many arguments as well as *how many* arguments the user

Thanks to Dave Blaikie for helping me pull together this little helper.
Suggestions for how to improve or generalize it are of course welcome.
I'll be using it immediately in my follow-up patch. =D
Saleem Abdulrasool
builtins: avoid multiple definitions of symbols

The architecture specific implementation of routines would be built and included
along with the generic implementation.  This would result in multiple
definitions of those symbols.

The linker is free to select either of the two.  Most of the time, this
shouldn't be too terrible as the forward iteration should catch the architecture
version due to the ordering.  Rather than relying on the linker and build
infrastructure ordering things in a specific manner, only provide the
architecture version when available.

This reduces the size of compiler-rt, simplifies inspection of the library
implementations, and guarantees that the desired version is selected at a
slightly complex build system.
Saleem Abdulrasool
builtins: add missed files from previous commits

This adds missed files in SVN r214033 for alignment and corrects a change from
SVN r214034 for fixing compilation with GCC.
Nico Weber
Wrap to 80 columns. No behavior change.