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Categories: Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Nick Lewycky
Add missing qualifier to documentation.
Nick Lewycky
Update documentation to match API change in r215323.
OpenMPClause.h: Fix a warning. [-Wdocumentation]
Justin Bogner
Driver: Tighten up crash report tests

These tests were a little bit too flexible in terms of filenames.
Craig Topper
Remove unused member variable.
Shankar Easwaran
[Gnu] Move certain options to a different group.

The -mllvm option is not specific to LTO.
Alexey Bataev
[OPENMP] Codegen for 'private' clause in 'parallel' directive.
This patch generates some helper variables which used as a private copies of the corresponding original variables inside an OpenMP 'parallel' directive. These generated variables are initialized by default (with the default constructor, if any). In outlined function references to original variables are replaced by the references to these private helper variables. At the end of the initialization of the private variables and implicit barier is set by calling __kmpc_barrier(...) runtime function to be sure that all threads were initialized using original values of the variables.
Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D4752
Shankar Easwaran
[ELF] Remove duplicate code.

The base class ELFObjectReader/ELFDSOReader implement the canParse functionaity
with this change.
Eric Fiselier
Remove dead buildbot link
Rui Ueyama
[PECOFF] Look for decorated entry symbol name.

Entry symbol name can be decorated. When we look for _WinMain, we
also have to look for _WinMain@16.
Jiangning Liu
Remove including <complex.h> in test case, and change to use _Complex instead.
Jiangning Liu
Lower compound assignment for the missing type llvm::Type::FP128TyID.
Rafael Espindola
Fix a bit of confusion about .set and produce more readable assembly.

Every target we support has support for assembly that looks like

a = b - c
.long a

What is special about MachO is that the above combination suppresses the
production of a relocation.

With this change we avoid producing the intermediary labels when they don't
add any value.
Paul Robinson
Do not attribute static allocas to the call site's DebugLoc.

When functions are inlined, instructions without debug information are
attributed to the call site's DebugLoc. After inlining, inlined static
allocas are moved to the caller's entry block, adjacent to the caller's
original static alloca instructions. By retaining the call site's
DebugLoc, these instructions could cause instructions that were
subsequently inserted at the entry block to pick up the same DebugLoc.

Patch by Wolfgang Pieb!
Greg Clayton
Make the "synchronous" mode actually work without race conditions.

There were many issues with synchronous mode that we discovered when started to try and add a "batch" mode. There was a race condition where the event handling thread might consume events when in sync mode and other times the Process::WaitForProcessToStop() would consume them. This also led to places where the Process IO handler might or might not get popped when it needed to be.
Rafael Espindola
Make this test a bit more strict.
Chandler Carruth
Teach lit to filter the host LDFLAGS down from the build system and into
the CGO build environment. This lets things like -rpath propagate down
to the C++ code that is built along side the Go bindings when testing

Patch by Peter Collingbourne, and verified that it works by me.
David Blaikie
PR21202: Memory leak in Windows RWMutexImpl when using SRWLOCK
Rafael Espindola
Make AsmPrinter::EmitLabelOffsetDifference a static helper and simplify.

It had exactly one caller in a position where we know hasSetDirective is true.
Lang Hames
[MCJIT] Temporarily revert r220245 - it broke several bots.

(See e.g. http://bb.pgr.jp/builders/cmake-llvm-x86_64-linux/builds/17653)
Philip Reames
Introduce enum values for previously defined metadata types. (NFC)

Our metadata scheme lazily assigns IDs to string metadata, but we have a mechanism to preassign them as well.  Using a preassigned ID is helpful since we get compile time type checking, and avoid some (minimal) string construction and comparison.  This change adds enum value for three existing metadata types:
+    MD_nontemporal = 9, // "nontemporal"
+    MD_mem_parallel_loop_access = 10, // "llvm.mem.parallel_loop_access"
+    MD_nonnull = 11 // "nonnull"

I went through an updated various uses as well.  I made no attempt to get all uses; I focused on the ones which were easily grepable and easily to translate.  For example, there were several items in LoopInfo.cpp I chose not to update.
Alexey Samsonov
Remove unused local variable
Philip Reames
Extend the verifier to validate range metadata on calls and invokes.

Range metadata applies to loads, call, and invokes.  We were validating that metadata applied to loads was correct according to the LangRef, but we were not validating metadata applied to calls or invokes.  This change extracts the checking functionality to a common location, reuses it for all valid locations, and adds a simple test to ensure a misused range on a call gets reported.
Lang Hames
[MCJIT] Make MCJIT honor symbol visibility settings when populating the global
symbol table.

Patch by Anthony Pesch. Thanks Anthony!
Richard Smith
Switch C compilations to C11 by default.

This is long-since overdue, and matches GCC 5.0. This should also be
backwards-compatible, because we already supported all of C11 as an extension
in C99 mode.