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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Kostya Serebryany
[asan] make new_array_cookie_test more robust
David Blaikie
Reduce the PR20399 test case.

I couldn't get something /really/ obvious, and I imagine Richard Smith
might be able to provide some text explaining the sequence of steps
that's demonstrated by these files - but at least it's a bit simpler
Chandler Carruth
[x86] Improve and correct how the new vector shuffle lowering was
matching and lowering 64-bit insertions.

The first problem was that we weren't looking through bitcasts to
discover that we *could* lower as insertions. Once fixed, we in turn
weren't looking through bitcasts to discover that we could fold a load
into the lowering. Once fixed, we weren't forming a SCALAR_TO_VECTOR
node around the inserted element and instead were passing a scalar to
a DAG node that expected a vector. It turns out there are some patterns
that will "lower" this into the correct asm, but the rest of the X86
backend is very unhappy with such antics.

This should fix a few more edge case regressions I've spotted going
through the regression test suite to enable the new vector shuffle
Bob Wilson
PR21101: tablegen's FastISel emitter should filter out unused functions.

FastISel has a fixed set of virtual functions that are overridden by the
tablegen-generated code for each target. These functions are distinguished by
the kinds of operands, e.g., register + immediate = "ri". The FastISel emitter
has been blindly emitting functions with different combinations of operand
kinds, even for combinations that are completely unused by FastISel, e.g.,
"fastEmit_rrr". Change to filter out functions that will be irrelevant for
FastISel and do not bother generating the code for them. Also add explicit
"override" keywords for the virtual functions that are overridden.
Jim Ingham
Add SBExecutionContext.cpp to this file as well, as the comment
in source/API/CMakeLists.txt instructs...
Lang Hames
[MCJIT] Don't crash in debugging output for sections that aren't emitted.
Enrico Granata
Add documentation about the new SBExecutionContext for Python commands feature. This marks the end of rdar://18142728
Enrico Granata
Allow Python commands to optionally take an SBExecutionContext argument in case they need to handle 'where they want to act' separately from the notion of 'currently-selected entity' that is associated to the debugger. Do this in an (hopefully) non-breaking way by running an argcount check before passing in the new argument. Update the test case to also check for this new feature. www update to follow
Todd Fiala
thread state coordinator: added error callbacks, cleaned up tests.

ThreadStateCoordinator changes:
* Most commands that run in the queue now take an error handler that
  will be called with an error string if an error occurs during processing.
  Errors generally stop the operation in progress.  The errors are checked
  at time of execution.  This is intended to help flush out ptrace/waitpid/state management
  issues as quickly as possible.

* Threads now must be known to the coordinator before stops can be reported,
  resumes can be requested, thread deaths can be reported, or deferred stop
  notifications can be made.  Failure to know the thread will cause the coordinator
  to call the error callback for the event being processed.  Threads are introduced
  to the system by the NotifyThreadCreate method.

* The NotifyThreadCreate method now takes the initial state of the thread being
  introduces to the system.  We no longer just assume the thread is running.

Eric Christopher
constify the TargetMachine argument used in the subtarget and
lowering constructors.
Chandler Carruth
[cmake] Include the new file in the CMake lists. Without this every
CMake build of any part of LLVM with LLDB checked out fails immediately.

We appear to not even have a build bot covering the CMake build of LLDB
which makes this truly terrible. That needs to be fixed immediately.
Fariborz Jahanian
Test case for my r218780 patch.
Suggested by Richard Smith.
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
DIBuilder: Remove duplicated comments, NFC

These comments already appear in the header, and some of them are
out-of-date anyway.
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
Revert "DIBuilder: Remove dead code"

This reverts commit r218820.  It turns out that Adrian has an
outstanding SROA patch that uses this.

I've updated it to forward to `createExpression()`.
Alexey Samsonov
[ASan] Don't use large stack buffer for local variable name in stack frame description
Johannes Doerfert
Change the output of arc unit

  arc unit will now show the number of consecutive tests with the same
  result instead of printing a "." for each one. Due to the number of
  tests the "dots" didn't fit in one line any more. Furthermore the
  result list is shortened, only non passing tests or tests taking
  longer than a time threshold (50ms) will be reported (both to the user
  and to phabricator).
Joerg Sonnenberger
Fix trailing commas in AMD define.
Joerg Sonnenberger
Add the various signature macros.
Joerg Sonnenberger
Rename bit_RDRAND to bit_RDRND to match GCC's version of this header.
Sanjay Patel
Lower FNEG ( FABS (x) ) -> FNABS (x) [X86 codegen] PR20578

Negative FABS of either a scalar or vector should be handled the same way
on x86 with SSE/AVX: a single OR instruction of the FP operand with a
constant to light up the sign bit(s).


Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D5201
David Blaikie
Update test name to match changes made in r218783

Addressing post commit review feedback from Justin Bogner.
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
DIBuilder: Remove dead code

I neglected to update `DIBuilder::createPieceExpression()` in r218797,
which I noticed while rebasing a patch for PR17891.  On closer
inspection, it looks like dead code.

If there are any downstream users of this, you should transition to the
more general `createExpression()`.  Or, we can add this back, but then
it should just forward to `createExpression()`.
Alexey Samsonov
[ASan] Make stack-buffer-overflow reports more robust

Fix the function that gets stack frame description by address in
thread stack, so that it clearly indicates failures. Make this error non-fatal,
and print as much information as we can in this case. Make all errors in
ParseFrameDescription non-fatal.

Test Plan: check-asan testsuite

Reviewers: kcc

Reviewed By: kcc

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D5554
Chandler Carruth
[x86] Merge the remaining test cases into vector-blend.ll and remove all
the ISA-specific test files.
Eric Christopher
Now that the optimization level is adjusting the feature string
before we hit the subtarget, remove the constructor parameter.