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Categories: Linux Linux cross Linux fast Tests on Linux Windows
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Linux Linux cross Linux fast Tests on Linux Windows
Benjamin Kramer
Another instance where GCC doesn't understand implicit construction of StringLiteral.
Benjamin Kramer
Make GCC happy again.
Benjamin Kramer
Don't build up std::vectors with constant sizes when an array suffices.

  • llvm-i686-linux-RA: built all failed -  stdio
Teresa Johnson
Remove stale and unused (MC)TargetOptions comparators.

I discovered accidentally that the operator== for TargetOptions
is stale - it is missing many fields that have been added over
the recent years. It isn't used, so remove it. Ditto for the
comparator in MCTargetOptions, which doesn't seem stale yet but is

Reviewers: echristo

Subscribers: llvm-commits, mehdi_amini

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D31301
Artem Dergachev
[analyzer] MisusedMovedObject: Remove deprecated callback. NFC

wantsRegionChangeUpdate() checker callback is no longer used since recently.

Fixes a buildbot warning.
Artem Dergachev
[analyzer] Add MisusedMovedObjectChecker for detecting use-after-move errors.

The checker currently warns on copying, moving, or calling methods on an object
that was recently std::move'd from. It understands a set of "state reset"
methods that bring a moved-from object back to a well-specified state.

Patch by Peter Szecsi!

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D24246
Krasimir Georgiev
[libclang] Bury dead TemporaryFiles

AllocatedCXCodeCompleteResults::TemporaryFiles have turned into zombies.
Seven years ago they used to do their job during [[ https://github.com/llvm-mirror/clang/commit/313e26c4e81f0e467490a530548450f4c824a6c4/tools/CIndex/CIndexCodeCompletion.cpp#diff-02d3e692ad507b10af9458b775c5750bL261 | file remapping]], but now they are created just to be torn down in the destructor.

Reviewers: bkramer

Reviewed By: bkramer

Subscribers: cfe-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D31288
Krasimir Georgiev
[clangd] Add support for vscode extension configuration

Summary: Adds vscode workspace level configuration options for path to clangd binary and its arguments.
Contributed by stanionascu!

Reviewers: cfe-commits, bkramer, krasimir

Reviewed By: krasimir

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D31121
Chandler Carruth
Revert r298491 and r298494 which changed Clang's handling of 'nonnull'

These patches don't work because we can't currently access the parameter
information in a reliable way when building attributes. I thought this
would be relatively straightforward to fix, but it seems not to be the
case. Fixing this will requrie a substantial re-plumbing of machinery to
allow attributes to be handled in this location, and several other fixes
to the attribute machinery should probably be made at the same time. All
of this will make the patch .... substantially more complicated.

Reverting for now as there are active miscompiles caused by the current
Jason Molenda
The expression text in AppleObjCRuntimeV1::CreateObjectChecker
was formatted into a string inside an assert() expression.
Which is elided when lldb is built with asserts disabled;
the result is that all expressions will fail when debugging
programs using the objective-c v1 runtime.

Max Kazantsev
Revert "[ScalarEvolution] Re-enable Predicate implication from operations"

This reverts commit rL298690

Causes failures on clang.
Daniel Berlin
NewGVN: Small cleanup of two dominance related functions to make
them easier to understand.
Daniel Berlin
NewGVN: Small cleanup of useless expression deletion, and don't uselessly create two expressions in symbolic store evaluation.
Max Kazantsev
[ScalarEvolution] Re-enable Predicate implication from operations

The patch rL298481 was reverted due to crash on clang-with-lto-ubuntu build.
The reason of the crash was type mismatch between either a or b and RHS in the following situation:

  LHS = sext(a +nsw b) > RHS.

This is quite rare, but still possible situation. Normally we need to cast all {a, b, RHS} to their widest type.
But we try to avoid creation of new SCEV that are not constants to avoid initiating recursive analysis that
can take a lot of time and/or cache a bad value for iterations number. To deal with this, in this patch we
reject this case and will not try to analyze it if the type of sum doesn't match with the type of RHS. In this
situation we don't need to create any non-constant SCEVs.

This patch also adds an assertion to the method IsProvedViaContext so that we could fail on it and not
go further into range analysis etc (because in some situations these analyzes succeed even when the passed

Marshall Clow
Implement P0298R3: 'std::byte'. Reviewed as https://reviews.llvm.org/D31022
Craig Topper
[ValueTracking] Use uint64_t for CarryIn in computeKnownBitsAddSub instead of a creating a temporary APInt. NFC
Daniel Berlin
NewGVN: Fix PR32403 - Handling of undef in phis was not quite correct
due to LLVM's view of phi nodes.  It would cause NewGVN not to fixpoint
in some interesting edge cases.
Marshall Clow
Move the scoped_lock inside the '#ifndef NO_THREADS' block to fix the no-threading build
Martin Pelikan
[XRay] [compiler-rt] Plug a file descriptor leak in a failure case.

Summary: Fd needs to be closed before the number gets out of scope.

Reviewers: dberris

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D31278
Kuba Mracek
Fix a warning when running the GotsanRuntimeCheck test on Darwin.
Craig Topper
[ValueTracking] Convert more places to use setHighBits/setLowBits/setSignBit. NFCI
Kuba Mracek
Update the Darwin/external.cc testcase to use rpath. This means we can move the test output executables and still be able to run them.
Marshall Clow
Implement Pp0156r2: 'Variadic Lock Guard, version 5'  Reviewed as https://reviews.llvm.org/D31163.
Craig Topper
[InstCombine] Use range-based for loop. NFC
Craig Topper
[InstCombine] Fix 80 column violation I accidentally introduced. NFC