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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
Revert "X86: Align the stack on word boundaries in LowerFormalArguments()"

This (mostly) reverts commit r216119.

Somewhere during the review Reid committed r214980 which fixed this
another way, and I neglected to check that the testcase still failed
before committing.

I've left test/CodeGen/X86/aligned-variadic.ll around in case it adds
extra coverage.
Jason Molenda
Bump the verison number in the xcode project files.
Reid Kleckner
Add an explicit move constructor to SrcBuffer

MSVC can't synthesize the explicit one.  Instead it tries to emit a copy
ctor which would call the deleted copy ctor of unique_ptr.
Jason Molenda
Two small fixes to get Mac native + debugserver working after the
HostInfo et al changes from Zachary.  Changes suggested by Zachary
- fixes the problems I was seeing.
Juergen Ributzka
[FastISel][AArch64] Add support for variable shift.

This adds the missing variable shift support for value type i8, i16, and i32.

This fixes <rdar://problem/18095685>.
Philip Reames
Minor refactor to make applying patches from 'Add a "probe-stack" attribute' review thread out of order easier.
David Blaikie
Update for LLVM API change to remove discriminator tracking from DILexicalBlock (in favor of DILexicalBlockFile - where a default arg is used to avoid the need for API churn of those callers)
David Blaikie
Use DILexicalBlockFile, rather than DILexicalBlock, to track discriminator changes to ensure discriminator changes don't introduce new DWARF DW_TAG_lexical_blocks.

Somewhat unnoticed in the original implementation of discriminators, but
it could cause instructions to end up in new, small,
DW_TAG_lexical_blocks due to the use of DILexicalBlock to track
discriminator changes.

Instead, use DILexicalBlockFile which we already use to track file
changes without introducing new scopes, so it works well to track
discriminator changes in the same way.
Todd Fiala
Add missing HostInfo::Initialize() in llgs.

This fixes an llgs segfault on startup.
Sanjay Patel
name change: isPow2DivCheap -> isPow2SDivCheap


That name doesn't specify signed or unsigned.

Lazy as I am, I eventually read the function and variable comments. It turns out that this is strictly about signed div. But I discovered that the comments are wrong:


is not the general sequence for signed integer division by power-of-2. We need one more 'sra':


That's the sequence produced in DAGCombiner. The first 'sra' may be removed when dividing by exactly '2', but that's a special case.

This patch corrects the comments, changes the name of the flag bit, and changes the name of the accessor methods.

No functional change intended.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D5010
Quentin Colombet
[PeepholeOptimizer] Enable the advanced copy optimization by default.

The advanced copy optimization does not yield any difference on the whole llvm
test-suite + SPECs, either in compile time or runtime (binaries are identical),
but has a big potential when data go back and forth between register files as
demonstrated with test/CodeGen/ARM/adv-copy-opt.ll.

Note: This was measured for both Os and O3 for armv7s, arm64, and x86_64.

Philip Reames
Whitespace change to reduce diff in future patch.

Patch 2 of 11 in 'Add a "probe-stack" attribute' review thread

Patch by: john.kare.alsaker@gmail.com
Nick Kledzik
[mach-o] support N_NO_DEAD_STRIP nlist.desc bit

Mach-O symbols can have an attribute on them means their content should never be
dead code stripped.  This translates to deadStrip() == deadStripNever.
Philip Reames
[X86] Split out the logic to select the stack probe function (NFC)

Patch 1 of 11 in 'Add a "probe-stack" attribute' review thread.

Patch by: <john.kare.alsaker@gmail.com>
Robin Morisset
Add hooks for emitLeading/TrailingFence
Robin Morisset
Rename AtomicExpandLoadLinked into AtomicExpand

AtomicExpandLoadLinked is currently rather ARM-specific. This patch is the first of
a group that aim at making it more target-independent. See
for details

The command line option is "atomic-expand"
Zachary Turner
Move the rest of the HostInfo functions over.

This should bring HostInfo up to 99% completion.  The remainder
of code in Host will be split into instantiatable classes
representing host processes, threads, dynamic libraries, and
process launching strategies.
Quentin Colombet
[PeepholeOptimizer] Update the kill flags when extending the live-range of the
source of a copy.

Justin Bogner
Fix a URL (NFC)
Zachary Turner
Fix compile error on Linux due to previous commit.
David Blaikie
Update Clang for LLVM API change to use unique_ptr in SourceManager::AddNewSourceBuffer
Juergen Ributzka
[FastISel][AArch64] Use the correct register class to make the MI verifier happy.

This is mostly achieved by providing the correct register class manually,
because getRegClassFor always returns the GPR*AllRegClass for MVT::i32 and

Also cleanup the code to use the FastEmitInst_* method whenever possible. This
makes sure that the operands' register class is properly constrained. For all
the remaining cases this adds the missing constrainOperandRegClass calls for
each operand.
Richard Smith
Return statements are initialization; don't forget to revert the initializer to
its syntactic form before re-analyzing it during template instantiation.
David Blaikie
Explicitly pass ownership of the MemoryBuffer to AddNewSourceBuffer using std::unique_ptr
Richard Smith
Simplify this logic now that -W can't be applied to remarks. No functionality change.