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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
David Blaikie
Fix memory leak of MCSymbolData in MCAsmStreamer.

Leak identified by LSan and reported by Kostya Serebryany.

Let's get a bit experimental here... in theory our minimum compiler
versions support unordered_map.
Tim Northover
AArch64: update tests to new way of printing NEON lists.
Tim Northover
AArch64: print NEON lists with a space.

This matches ARM64 behaviour, which I think is clearer. It also puts all the
churn from that difference into one easily ignored commit.
Evgeniy Stepanov
[asan] Use MCInstrInfo in inline asm instrumentation.

Patch by Yuri Gorshenin.
Dmitry Vyukov
tsan: stop background thread when sandbox is enabled
Fixes https://code.google.com/p/thread-sanitizer/issues/detail?id=56
Timur Iskhodzhanov
Add DLL thunks for recently-added memcpy, memset and memmove ASan intrinsics
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: enable remaining MC elf tests.
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: allow negative addends, at least on ELF.
Tim Northover
ARM64: support relocated "TBZ/TBNZ" instructions.
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: support relocated ADR instruction
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: add support for :abs_gN_s: MOVZ modifiers

We only need assembly support, so it's fairly easy.
CommentToXMLConverter: Don't use "default" to method(s). It is unavailable in msc17.
Tim Northover
ARM64: shut up warning about variable only used in assert.
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: disentangle the "B.CC" and "LDR lit" operands

These can have different relocations in ELF. In particular both:

    b.eq global
    ldr x0, global

are valid, giving different relocations. The only possible way to distinguish
them is via a different fixup, so the operands had to be separated throughout
the backend.
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: enable some MC tests on ARM64

This will also (as with CodeGen) disable testing when the ARM64 backend is not
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: port bitfield test to ARM64.
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: implement BFI optimisation

ARM64 was not producing pure BFI instructions for bitfield insertion
operations, unlike AArch64. The approach had to be a little different (in
ISelDAGToDAG rather than ISelLowering), and the outcomes aren't identical but
hopefully this gives it similar power.

This should address PR19424.
Tim Northover
AArch64/ARM64: port more tests
Colin Riley
Windows Fix: added inttypes.h. Introduces macro redefinition warnings due to LLVM itself externally defining the PRI macros, but now builds on vs2013.
Kostya Serebryany
[asan] enable use_sigaltstack by default (this will provide verbose reports on stack-overflow instead of silently crashing with SEGV)
Chandler Carruth
[LCG] Incorporate the core trick of improvements on the naive Tarjan's
algorithm here: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=177301.

The idea of isolating the roots has even more relevance when using the
stack not just to implement the DFS but also to implement the recursive
step. Because we use it for the recursive step, to isolate the roots we
need to maintain two stacks: one for our recursive DFS walk, and another
of the nodes that have been walked. The nice thing is that the latter
will be half the size. It also fixes a complete hack where we scanned
backwards over the stack to find the next potential-root to continue
processing. Now that is always the top of the DFS stack.

While this is a really nice improvement already (IMO) it further opens
the door for two important simplifications:

1) De-duplicating some of the code across the two different walks. I've
  actually made the duplication a bit worse in some senses with this

QueryEngineTest.cpp: Appease g++47.
ClangQueryTests: Fix msc17 build. Non-static member initializers are unavailable.
Chandler Carruth
[LCG] Rotate logic applied to the top of the DFSStack to instead be
applied prior to pushing a node onto the DFSStack. This is the first
step toward avoiding the stack entirely for leaf nodes. It also
simplifies things a bit and I think is pointing the way toward factoring
some more of the shared logic out of the two implementations.

It is also making it more obvious how to restructure the loops
themselves to be a bit easier to read (although no different in terms of
Chandler Carruth
[LCG] Re-order expectations to provide more useful output when debugging
an issue. This way you see that the number of nodes was wrong before
a crash due to accessing too many nodes.