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Categories: Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Peter Collingbourne
Fix unused variable warning in -asserts builds.
Adrian Prantl
Fix the type signature of DwarfExpression::Add.*Constant to support values >32 bits.
This fixes an embarrassing bug when emitting .debug_loc entries for 64-bit+ constants,
which were previously silently truncated to 32 bits.

Rafael Espindola
Add support for musl-libc on ARM Linux.

Patch by Lei Zhang!
Eli Friedman
Fix documentation for FindAvailableLoadedValue.
Krzysztof Parzyszek
[Hexagon] Simplify (+fix) instruction selection for indexed loads/stores
Sanjoy Das
[IndVarSimplify] Run clang-format over some oddly formatted bits

NFC (whitespace only change)
Peter Collingbourne
cfi: Apply pass rename to tests.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D21055
Peter Collingbourne
CodeGen: Update Clang to use the new type metadata.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D21054
Peter Collingbourne
IR: New representation for CFI and virtual call optimization pass metadata.

The bitset metadata currently used in LLVM has a few problems:

1. It has the wrong name. The name "bitset" refers to an implementation
  detail of one use of the metadata (i.e. its original use case, CFI).
  This makes it harder to understand, as the name makes no sense in the
  context of virtual call optimization.

2. It is represented using a global named metadata node, rather than
  being directly associated with a global. This makes it harder to
  manipulate the metadata when rebuilding global variables, summarise it
  as part of ThinLTO and drop unused metadata when associated globals are
  dropped. For this reason, CFI does not currently work correctly when
  both CFI and vcall opt are enabled, as vcall opt needs to rebuild vtable
  globals, and fails to associate metadata with the rebuilt globals. As I
  understand it, the same problem could also affect ASan, which rebuilds

Evgeniy Stepanov
[msan] Fix syscall handlers for pipe, pipe2, socketpair.

These syscalls write two file descriptors into the output buffer, not one.
David Majnemer
[APInt] Don't shift into the sign bit
Rafael Espindola
Add support for musl-libc on ARM Linux.

Patch by Lei Zhang!
Chris Bieneman
[MachO] Fixing copy-paste error from r273719

Thanks Kevin!
Michael Kuperstein
Add missing dependency to LLVMPasses

Passes should depend on CodeGen, as that contains some IR-to-IR passes.
George Burgess IV
[MemorySSA] Move code around a bit. NFC.

This patch moves MSSA's caching walker into MemorySSA, and moves the
actual definition of MSSA's caching walker out of MemorySSA.h. This is
done in preparation for the new walker, which should be out for review

Also, this patch removes a field from UpwardsMemoryQuery and has a few
lines of diff from clang-format'ing MemorySSA.cpp.
David Majnemer
[APInt] Don't shift into the sign bit

This fixes PR28294.
Enrico Granata
The Objective-C Class type should not be treated as a potential dynamic type, since it actually doesn't resolve to the type of the class it points to

Fixes rdar://26535584
Francis Ricci
Don't run TestImageListMultiArchitecture during remote test suite

Reviewers: zturner, clayborg, tfiala

Subscribers: sas, lldb-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D21648
Chris Bieneman
[obj2yaml] [yaml2obj] Support for MachO Universal binaries

This patch adds round-trip support for MachO Universal binaries to obj2yaml and yaml2obj. Universal binaries have a header and list of architecture structures, followed by a the individual object files at specified offsets.
Sean Callanan
Added a test case for bitfield ivars.  It currently fails.

Ahmed Bougacha
[ARM] Remove dead SDNodes. NFC.

The opcodes are used, but only by DAG->DAG.
Ahmed Bougacha
[X86] Remove dead ISD opcodes. NFC.
Sanjay Patel
[InstCombine] use m_APInt; NFCI
Chris Bieneman
[CMake] Remove CLANG_APPEND_VC_REV option

I added this option in r257827 to try and add compatibility with autoconf. At the time I misunderstood the problem.

Our CMake automatically generates the SVN revision information and generates a build action to update it so builds don't need to be re-configured on SCM update (which is a better solution than we had in autoconf).

The problem I was actually seeing was isolated cases where SVN revision information isn't available because the repository structures have been removed. This happens in some automated testing systems.

This patch allows SVN_REVISION to be overridden if the build configuration could not find the SCM repository structures, and removes the code from my original patch because it is unnecessary.
Michael Kuperstein
[PM] Port PreISelIntrinsicLowering to the new PM
  • i686-mingw32-RA-on-linux: built llvmclang failed -  stdio