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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Craig Topper
[X86] Don't lower FABS/FNEG masking directly to a ConstantPool load. Just create a ConstantFPSDNode and let that be lowered.

This allows broadcast loads to used when available.
Craig Topper
[AVX-512] Always use v8i64 when converting 512-bit FAND/FOR/FXOR/FANDN to integer operations when DQI isn't supported. This is consistent with the recent changes to promote logical operations to i64 vectors.
Craig Topper
[AVX-512] Add 512-bit fabs tests with and without AVX512DQ.
Eric Fiselier
Fix pair::operator=(TupleLike&&).

This assignment operator was previously broken since the SFINAE always resulted
in substitution failure. This caused assignments to turn into
copy construction + assignment.

This patch was originally committed as r279953 but was reverted due to warnings
in the test-suite. This new patch corrects those warnings.
Eric Fiselier
Revert r279953 - Fix pair::operator=(TupleLike&&)

The test emits warnings causing the test-suite to fail. Since I want this
patch merged into 3.9 I'll recommit it with a clean test.
Eric Fiselier
Fix pair::operator=(TupleLike&&).

This assignment operator was previously broken since the SFINAE always resulted
in substitution failure. This caused assignments to turn into
copy construction + assignment.
Lang Hames
[Orc] Simplify LogicalDylib and move it back inside CompileOnDemandLayer. Also
switch to using one indirect stub manager per logical dylib rather than one per
input module.

LogicalDylib is a helper class used by the CompileOnDemandLayer to manage
symbol resolution between modules during lazy compilation. In particular, it
ensures that internal symbols resolve correctly even in the case where multiple
input modules contain the same internal symbol name (which must to be promoted
to external hidden linkage so that functions in any given module can be split
out by lazy compilation). LogicalDylib's resolution scheme (before this commit)
required one stub-manager per input module. This made recompilation of functions
(by adding a module containing a new definition) difficult, as the stub manager
for any given symbol was bound to the module that supplied the original
definition. By using one stubs manager for the whole logical dylib symbols can

Craig Topper
[AVX-512] Add support for selecting 512-bit VPABSB/VPABSW when BWI is available.
Craig Topper
[AVX-512] Add patterns for selecting 128/256-bit EVEX VPABS instructions.
Craig Topper
[AVX-512] Add testcases showing that we don't emit 512-bit vpabsb/vpabsw. Will be fixed in a future commit.
Eric Fiselier
Implement C++17 std::sample.

This patch implements the std::sample function added to C++17 from LFTS. It
also removes the std::experimental::sample implementation which now forwards
to std::sample.
Eric Fiselier
Mark LWG  2716 as complete - shuffle and sample disallows lvalue URNGs.

Libc++'s implementation of shuffle and sample already support lvalue and rvalue
RNG's. This patch adds tests for both categories and marks the issue as complete.

This patch also contains drive-by change for std::experimental::sample which
improves the diagnostics produced when the correct iterator categories are
not supplied.
Saleem Abdulrasool
AST: improve layout of SimpleTypoCorrector

Add the "explicit" specifier to the single-argument constructor of
SimpleTypoCorrector.  Reorder the fields to remove excessive padding (8 bytes).

Patch by Alexander Shaposhnikov!
Eric Fiselier
Implement LWG 2711. Constrain path members.
Sylvestre Ledru
Fix some typos in the doc
Sylvestre Ledru
Fix some typos in the doc
Sylvestre Ledru
Fix a typo in the doc: overriden -> overridden
Eric Fiselier
[Docs] Update libc++ target names after r279675.
Sanjay Patel
[x86] add tests for <3 x N> vector types (PR29114)
Eric Fiselier
[CMake] Be more consistent about naming targets and components in libc++abi

This patch (and commit summary) mirror r279675 by Chris B which was applied
to libc++ but not libc++abi.

The point of this patch is to have a consistent convention for naming build,
check and install targets so that the targets can be constructed from the
project name.

This change renames a bunch of CMake components and targets from libcxxabi to
cxxabi. For each renamed target I've added a convenience target that matches
the old target name and depends on the new target. This will preserve function
of the old targets so that the change doesn't break the world. We can evaluate
if it is worth removing the extra targets later.
Sanjay Patel
[InstCombine] use m_APInt to allow icmp (and X, Y), C folds for splat constant vectors
Eric Fiselier
[CMake] Apply r279151 cleanup to libc++abi.

This patch applies changes similar to those in r279515 to libc++abi.

Summary of changes in this patch:

* Renamed variable LLVM_CONFIG -> LLVM_CONFIG_PATH
* Add an include of AddLLVM in the tests subdirectory for add_lit_testsuite.
Saleem Abdulrasool
test: fix test under ASAN and MSAN

When we're running tests under ASAN or MSAN, they're compiled with -O1, which
enables tail call elimination. This causes backtrace_test to fail: the compiler
performs tail call elimination for call3_nothrow, but it can't for call3_throw,
leading to a mismatched frame count. Disable tail call elimination (and
inlining, just to be explicit) to avoid this.

Patch by Shoaib Meenai!
Simon Pilgrim
[X86][AVX512] Only combine EVEX targets shuffles to shuffles of the same number of vector elements

Over eager combing prevents the correct folding of writemasks.

At the moment this occurs for ALL EVEX shuffles, in the future we need to check that the user of the root shuffle is a VSELECT that can fold to a writemask.
Hal Finkel
[PowerPC] Implement lowering for atomicrmw min/max/umin/umax

Implement lowering for atomicrmw min/max/umin/umax. Fixes PR28818.