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Cygwin Linux Linux cross Linux fast Windows
Akira Hatanaka
Delete MCInstPrinter::AvailableFeatures.

All the ports have been fixed to read the feature bits from the subtarget passed
to the print methods. Also, delete the call to setAvailableFeatures in the
constructor of NVPTX's instprinter as the instprinter wasn't using the feature
bits anywhere.
Akira Hatanaka
[X86] Read the feature bits from the subtarget that is passed to printInst
instead of from MCInstPrinter::AvailableFeatures.
Akira Hatanaka
[Objdump] Pass the correct subtarget to printInst.

This fixes a bug I introduced in r233411.
Hal Finkel
[PowerPC] Add asm parser support for bitmask forms of rotate-and-mask instructions

The asm syntax for the 32-bit rotate-and-mask instructions can take a 32-bit
bitmask instead of an (mb, me) pair. This syntax is not specified in the Power
ISA manual, but is accepted by GNU as, and is documented in IBM's Assembler
Language Reference. The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (gmp)
contains assembly that uses this syntax.

To implement this, I moved the isRunOfOnes utility function from
PPCISelDAGToDAG.cpp to PPCMCTargetDesc.h.
Simon Pilgrim
[DAGCombiner] Fixed incorrect test for buildvector of constant integers.

DAGCombiner::ReassociateOps was correctly testing for an constant integer scalar but failed to correctly test for constant integer vectors (it was testing for any constant vector).
Hal Finkel
[ConstantFold] Don't fold ppc_fp128 <-> int bitcasts

PPC_FP128 is really the sum of two consecutive doubles, where the first double
is always stored first in memory, regardless of the target endianness. The
memory layout of i128, however, depends on the target endianness, and so we
can't fold this without target endianness information. As a result, we must not
do this folding in lib/IR/ConstantFold.cpp (it could be done instead in
Analysis/ConstantFolding.cpp, but that's not done now).

Fixes PR23026.
Tobias Grosser
Bail out if too many alias run-time-check comparisions would be needed

This fixes a crash observed in ffmpeg.
Tobias Grosser
Use an early return on failure
Sylvestre Ledru
Bug 23051 - Fix build failure on Freebsd with gcc 4.9.
Patch by Craig Rodrigues
Tobias Grosser
Code generate parameters and run-time checks after branching new code region

When creating parameters the SCEVexpander may introduce new induction variables,
that possibly create scalar dependences in the original scop, before we code
generate the scop. The resulting scalar dependences may then inhibit correct
code generation of the scop. To prevent this, we first version the code without
a run-time check and only then introduce new parameters and the run-time
condition. The if-condition that guards the original scop from being modified by
the SCEVexpander.

This change causes some test case changes as the run-time conditions are now
introduced in the split basic block rather than in the entry basic block.

This fixes http://llvm.org/PR22069

Test case reduced by: Karthik Senthil
Tobias Grosser
Drop redundant run line in check
Craig Topper
Convert feature strings to lowercase even if they have a '+'/'-' in front of them.
Akira Hatanaka
Partially revert the changes I made in r233473 to keep the code concise.
Akira Hatanaka
clang-format X86ATTInstPrinter.{h,cpp} before I make changes to these files.
Rui Ueyama
ELF: Use C++11 non-member initialization.

Setting _alignment member varaible to 0 look suspicious since
the minimum alignment value is 1. I'm not going to change that
number in this patch, though.
Akira Hatanaka
[SparcInstPrinter] Use the subtarget that is passed to the print function
instead of the one passed to the constructor.

Unfortunately, I don't have a test case for this change. In order to test my
change, I will have to run the code after line 90 in printSparcAliasInstr. I
couldn't make that happen because printAliasInstr would always handle the
printing of fcmp instructions that the code after line 90 is supposed to handle.
Craig Topper
Update comment to match code behavior.
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
Verifier: Allow subroutine types to have no type array

Loosen one check from r233446: as long as `DIBuilder` requires a
non-null type for every subprogram, we should allow a null type array.
Also add tests for the rest of `MDSubroutineType`, which were somehow
Richard Trieu
Fix comparison functions.
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
DebugInfo: Fix testcases with invalid MDSubprogram nodes

Fix testcases that don't pass the verifier after a WIP patch to check
`MDSubprogram` operands more effectively.  I found the following issues:

  - When `isDefinition: false`, the `variables:` field might point at
    `!{i32 786468}`, or at a tuple that pointed at an empty tuple with
    the comment "previously: invalid DW_TAG_base_type" (I vaguely recall
    adding those comments during an upgrade script).  In these cases, I
    just dropped the array.
  - The `variables:` field might point at something like `!{!{!8}}`,
    where `!8` was an `MDLocation`.  I removed the extra layer of
  - Invalid `type:` (not an `MDSubroutineType`).
Anna Zaks
[scan-build] Be friendly to "" in the argument list.

Do not fail when "" is one of the compilation arguments.
Ahmed Bougacha
[CodeGen] "PromoteInteger" f32 to f64 doesn't make sense.

The original f32->f64 promotion logic was refactored into roughly the
currently shape in r37781. However, starting with r132263, the
legalizer has been split into different kinds, and the previous
"Promote" (which did the right thing) was search-and-replace'd into
"PromoteInteger". The divide gradually deepened, with type legalization
("PromoteInteger") being separated from ops legalization
("Promote", which still works for floating point ops).

Fast-forward to today: there's no in-tree target with legal f64 but
illegal f32 (rather: no tests were harmed in the making of this patch).

With such a target, i.e., if you trick the legalizer into going through
the PromoteInteger path for FP, you get the expected brokenness.
For instance, there's no PromoteIntRes_FADD (the name itself sounds
wrong), so we'll just hit some assert in the PromoteInteger path.

Don't pretend we can promote f32 to f64. Instead, always soften.
Leny Kholodov
[ARM] Fix group relocations test.

The fix is for r233277. This makes tests work.
On some build bots the test failed due to different llvm-objdump behaviour for target detection.
Now test checks .text section with etalon and illustrates correctness of generated
code without using of -disassemble llvm-objdump option.
Chandler Carruth
[Modules] Don't compute a modules cache path if we're not using modules!

Notably, this prevents us from doing *tons* of work to compute the
modules hash, including trying to read a darwin specific plist file off
of the system. There is a lot that needs cleaning up below this layer
Rui Ueyama
ELF: Add a comment about the sysroot path.